Information under art.13 Decree Law 196/03

Dear Customer, please be informed, that at SEA S.p.A. your personal data are treated in compliance with the Decree Law 196/03. The Data are entered into the SEA S.p.A. databases after the acquisition of your consent except as provided for in art. 24, Decree Law 196/03. Under this regulation, the data will be treated following the principles of fairness, transparency and protection of your privacy and your rights. As under article 13 we inform you that:

1. The data are collected for contractual, commercial, administrative, accounting purpose, statistics and for the establishment of normal trade contacts and the treatment is: manual and computerized.

2. The data conferment is optional.

3. In case of refusal to provide data, the consequences will be the failure to achieve the purposes referred to in paragraph 1.

4. Your data are acquired through our request / your contact and can be communicated to shippers, carriers, consultants for the implementation of the above purposes and for other initiatives as marketing, advertising, promotion and for market research.

5. You may contact the holders and managers of the treatment, to enforce your rights, as provided in Article 7 of the Decree Law 196/03. Namely: the confirmation of the existence or not existence of data concerning you; the deletion, transformation in anonymous form and the block of unlawfully processed data; the updating, the rectification or integration of data; the certification, that the described operations were brought to the attention of those, to whom the data were communicated or disseminated.

6. The holder of the treatment is Sea S.p.A..

7. Following the art.7, Decree law 196/03, SEA S.p.A. is also the data processor.


The Customer, having received the information referred to in Article 13 of Decree Law 196/03, consents to the processing of his personal data within the limits indicated in the information that he declares to have received and read.

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